Holiday Park Rules


We request that all park rules be respected by both residents and visitors.
These rules are put in place for the benefit of all park users and are not meant to cause office or be restrictive.

Our aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our residents and visitors to Devon Oaks Park.

Occupation of The Park

  1.  Mobile homes are to be occupied only by the owner and their immediate family members, i.e. spouse or partner. Subletting of the home is strictly forbidden.
  2. The home is to be used for residential purposes. It can be used as a business address but no trading or manufacturing is allowed without permission from the Park owner. Applications to be made via head office.
  3. The pitch fee is to be paid monthly in accordance with your Mobile Home Agreement, failure to do so could result in court action.

Home / Pitch

  1. Homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition.
  2. Wheels and tow bars must not be removed or the home re-positioned.
  3. Each home owner is responsible for their own plot with the exception of the base. Pitches must be kept clean and tidy. Including underneath the home, sheds, garden area and parking bay.
  4. Additional sheds/bunkers or conservatories/porches must not be erected without prior written permission from the park owner.
    Applications should be made via the head office. This is to be compliant with the Site licence issued by West Devon Borough Council.
  5. No alterations to the home/pitch including flagging, steps or fencing etc. must be carried out without prior approval of the park owner. Again applications should be made in writing: via the head office. This is to be compliant with the Site License issued by West Devon Council.
  6. Wooden sheds are not allowed by order of West Devon Borough Council.
  7. 1 shed per pitch is allowed, any extra sheds will need permission from the park owner, applications to be made via the head office.
  8. Area under the home – doors provide access to water and waste pipes, we recommend that it is not used as an alternative storage area.
  9. Homes, their accessories and contents are the responsibility of the home owner and are on the park at their own risk.
  10. No toxic or flammable materials such as gasoline are to be stored in or around the home/pitch.
  11. All home insurance must be valid and produced to head office upon  request.


  1. All outstanding bills attributed to the home in question must be settled before the sale is concluded.
  2. Interference between Sales Managers and prospective buyers will not be permitted, any complaints or queries should be reported to the head office in the appropriate manner.
  3. Anyone wishing to sell their home are responsible to ensure that any sales agent is aware of the age restriction currently in place: – that all residents are 45 years old and above.


  1.  The speed limit on the park is strictly 10 mph and must be adhered to at all times.
  2. No vehicles are to block the roadways or driveways at any time, all roads must be accessible for emergency vehicles.
  3. Motor homes, tourer caravans, trailers and boats must not be parked on the site at any time
  4. All visitors must use the visitor’s car park provided. If it is full, please be mindful when parking so as not to cause an obstruction to other residents homes and emergency vehicles.
  5. All vehicles on the park must be road legal, i.e. must have valid MOT, Tax and Insurance. Vehicles are not to be stored on the site.
  6. Motor vehicle repairs are not to be carried out on the park, however breakdown assistance is permitted.
  7. Any private vehicle sales must only be parked on the owner’s driveway.
  8. Any vehicles parked on the site are the responsibility of the owner.
  9. No driving under the influence of alcohol, there is a zero tolerance to drink driving on the park.


  1. No ball games are allowed.
  2. National flags, football and bunting etc. May only be erected temporarily to celebrate special national occasions.
  3. No company advertising or Electoral signboards.
  4. Please be courteous to your neighbours and ensure, loud music, musical instruments and televisions are not causing a disturbance. Especially between the hours of 9pm-8am.
  5. Firearms, air pistols, catapults or any offensive weapons are NOT permitted on site at any time.
  6. Please ensure your rubbish is disposed of as per the instructions on the local authority and placed in the bins provided.
  7. Scrap metal must be removed from site and not left by the bins. The bins are for general /recyclable waste only. Bulky items e.g. furniture, white goods (fridges etc.) must be taken to the local landfill site.
  8. No Fly Tipping or dumping of any waste on the Park including company skips.
  9. Residents are not permitted to enter the workshops or compounds onsite without being accompanied by a member of staff, this is without exception.
  10. Traders and salesmen can only enter the Park if invited by a resident.
  11. Please do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system, particularly cleaning cloths, wet wipes, incontinence pads, cooking fat etc.
  12. Children visiting the site are the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times. They are to be supervised at all times as not to cause a nuisance to other owners.
  13. Tampering with any Utility Meters will not be permitted by anyone un-authorised.
  14. Grit Salt will be supplied for road safety but not for personal plots.

Pets / Wildlife

  1. Only 1 pet per resident without prior permission. All pet owners are to be mindful of their neighbors and visitors on the park so they do not cause nuisance to anyone.
  2. All pets must be pre-authorised by head office.
  3. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and cleaned up after, all faeces is to be collect and disposed of appropriately
  4. Please be mindful when leaving dogs on their own that they are not causing a nuisance to other residents.
  5. Please refrain from feeding wildlife from the ground as this encourages vermin, all feeders must be elevated from the floor to avoid this.
  6. Wildlife on the park must not be harmed.

Health & Safety

  1. No fireworks or fires are permitted on site without prior permission.
  2. All homes should have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket and working smoke alarm.
  3. In the event of a fire please contact the Fire Brigade immediately.
  4. BBQ’s should not be left unattended. Please be mindful of your neighbours when having BBQ’s.

Personal Conduct

  • Please respect the park and it’s amenities, do not cause damage to trees, grass or plants.
  • Stealing building materials from site is strictly prohibited, materials are left on site in various locations to make it easier for park employees or workmen to access them. Under no circumstances are they for the use of residents.
  • Offensive and abusive behavior will not be tolerated either to staff members or home owners.

Please note: The Park Rules may be added to, deleted or amended at any time by publishing such alterations on the park notice board or by direct mail.

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