Living the Devon dream

Imagine a life of tranquillity, surrounded by endless natural beauty, with the freedom to do as you please. A life that enables you to leave the hustle and bustle behind while remaining close enough to everything you need. Welcome to the dream of living in a residential park home in the heart of Devon, just a stone’s throw from the picturesque town of Tavistock, nestled within the idyllic Dartmoor National Park.

If you’re searching for a new home, a residential park home might be your ideal solution. These homes offer exceptional luxury, with the added appeal of an exclusive community lifestyle that many modern developments simply cannot match. Let’s explore why living in a residential park home in Devon is the perfect way to live your golden years in style.

The beauty of Dartmoor National Park

Living in a residential park home near Tavistock is the perfect solution for those who want to surround themselves with natural beauty. Nestled within Dartmoor National Park, our park homes offer spectacular views of scenic landscapes, rolling hills, vast moorlands, sparkling streams, and meandering river valleys.

Picture stepping out of your front door and onto a stunning, nature-filled landscape where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature, stroll in the moorlands, explore the walking trails, ride horses, or simply sit and watch the world go by. The park has a well-maintained network of paths and walking trails that make it easy to explore and discover the unique flora and fauna in the area. Experience the wonders of the great outdoors in South Devon at your convenience.

A life of leisure and relaxation

For those who seek a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of ways to relax and unwind, our South Devon residential park homes offer the ultimate in tranquillity and serenity. The park has been designed with your comfort in mind and its landscaped gardens are perfect for a morning stroll. All the homes on the park are spacious, with ample room for living and relaxing. The interiors are designed with meticulous attention to detail, with stylish decor and furnishings, hardwood flooring, and state-of-the-art appliances.

All residential park homes on the park are low maintenance, which means you no longer have to worry about the upkeep of a large property. In a park home, all the exterior maintenance is taken care of, freeing up your time to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities and hobbies. Join the community of like-minded people in our clubhouse where you can enjoy a game of bridge, cards or participate in various social events.

The benefits of exclusive community living

The park is a safe and exclusive community that offers a brilliant opportunity to enjoy a sociable and active lifestyle. The residents of the park are friendly, welcoming, and supportive. Over 45’s who have already relocated to the park from around the UK are known to have found new and incredible friendships. There is an on-site manager who is always available to help answer any queries you may have, and the team ensures that the park is a safe and secure place for all residents.

Affordable prices with high-quality living

An impressive advantage of owning a residential park home in South Devon is the significant cost savings it offers. It’s no secret that Devon is a destination where property prices are soaring, particularly when it comes to luxury apartments and villas. However, residential park homes provide an affordable way to live in one of the most desirable regions within the UK.

When you downsize to a residential park home, you get to keep the property investment which can go towards things you truly enjoy like holidays, hobbies, or dining out. The overall cost of ownership is reduced significantly due to the lower purchase price. Furthermore, running costs are also lower with it being more energy efficient, making it easier to budget and plan for the future.

Living in a residential park home in South Devon, near Tavistock, within the Dartmoor National Park presents an ideal opportunity for semi-retired or retired individuals looking for their new home. With nature’s perfect, tranquil surroundings, a beautiful community, and a variety of leisure activities and amenities, it is the perfect way to experience a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle. Above all, it is a way to enjoy your golden years in complete comfort and luxury—all in Devon’s beautiful landscape.

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